A poet is a world locked in a man

Victor Hugo

Escuela de Organización Industrial

Monday September 10th 2012

Studying at EOI is much more than going to classes. It's an intense experience where you'll be part of a community, take part in activities, share experiences, enjoy the city that welcomes you, but above all, you'll grow as a person. EOI conveys values that are in tune with a society in constant transformation. So our teaching model is closely related to this new global view of reality, in ways that are committed to an open, digital and participatory method of teaching. 

To constantly evolve and adapt to this new changing society, EOI bases its training offering on four basic core themes. Our aim is for the professionals we train to be able, after studying at our school, to conduct business practices and carry out projects based on these four principles. Because we believe these are fundamental keys to understanding contemporary society. Sustainability as a business practice that develops the environmentally-friendly economy. New technologies as a source of global exchange and knowledge enrichment. Entrepreneurship as an engine of economic development that gives value to creative ideas. And finally the development of a global economy in an international environment that is increasingly interconnected.

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